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David Honan.

Hi, I'm a UK based freelance website project manager who can help you steer your website from concept to deployment.

Deciding you need a website is the exciting part but the fear of rolling out a site that doesn't fit the original brief can crank up the anxiety and make you wish you never bothered in the first place.

I've got your back. Drawing on 15 years of digital agency and client side experience I'll navigate your web project through the choppy waters of digital agency services and budget sharks. Together we'll make sure your fledgling site launches into the www waters full steam ahead! (Nautical metaphor ends / sinks here...)


As your freelance digital project manager here are the specific services I provide and how they'll help you.

Website Brief (WB)

After a lot of head scratching a WB is a formal document detailing what you need from your new site. A well written WB covers more than just look and feel, it details page structure, business goals, wireframes etc. Working together I'll help you articulate a sound WB ensuring potential web agencies understand what's needed.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A RFP is a formal document signalling to web agencies you have entered the tendering process for a new website. Following best practice I'll produce an RFP that not only makes a great first impression to agencies but will speed up the tendering process ensuring essential elements are included e.g budget.

Proposal Evaluation (PE)

When proposals start to land in your inbox PE is the next step. I'll review the proposals and rank them against the following criteria: problem overview, solution, schedule, cost and technical expertise.


I'll map out your websites page structure (Also known as Information Architecture) so we get a clear picture of what pages need to go where and the assets (images, copy, downloads) needed to populate them. If there was any one area that snags a web project it's copy.

Project Schedule and Progress Reporting

I'll manage a timetable communicating what needs to be done by when, without one we just can't track progress. Additionally I'll produce a weekly progress report so stakeholders are in the know.

Quality assurance and testing

Before deployment does the site meet the requirements hitch free? Is the Google Analytics tracking? Any typos? Navigation working etc. Before making that all important agency final payment I'll go back to our WB and make sure nothing has been missed before go live.


Coherent documention is a key output of any self respecting website project manager. Here you can see my interpretation of three key documents: A website brief, visual sitemapping and wireframes.

Website Brief

Updated: 03/02/2021

A website brief is a formal document detailing what your site needs to deliver for your business. My example will help you understand the ten essential elements of a standards compliant website brief.


Updated: 04/02/2021

A sitemap is a visual representation of how your website will organise its content, no different to how we used to organise our filing cabinets. WHITE STUFF's sitemap ensures visitors don't trip into the proverbial rabbit hole.


Updated: 04/02/2021

A wireframe is the bare bones layout of a web page, a bit like a floor plan. Snowdonia's Adventure Parc homepage shows how a wireframe has no need for a pack of crayons.


2 options: Pick and Mix or End to End (E2E) Project Management.

Pick and Mix is right for you if you just need a specific document produced e.g. a website brief or a sitemap: Day rate £200 - minimum commitment 5 days.

E2E is the right choice if you need a dedicated service to help push your website from vision to reality: Monthly fee £,000 - minimum commitment 3 months.

  • Pick and Mix
  • Website Brief
  • Request for Proposal
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Sitemap
  • Project Schedule
  • Quality Assurance
  • £ 200

    per day
  • E2E
  • End to End Project Delivery
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Documentation Delivery
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • £ 3000

    per month


Want to make sure your website rolls out to rapturous applause with your sanity still intact?

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